Amazing Love International School (ALIS) was birthed by Amazing Love Assembly, a charitable non-profit making organisation registered with the Nigerian government. The organisation is founded and headed by a bonafide Enugu State indigene, Bishop(Dr) Amaechi Nwachukwu.

ALIS began as SOLID FOUNDATION CLASSES – A powerful and effective extramural body that catered to the needs of hundreds of students in Enugu and beyond. Many, if not all students that took part in SOLID FOUNDATION CLASSES can be accounted for today as being at the tops of their chosen professions. It began when civil servants in Enugu state suddenly lost their jobs because they were not indigenes of the state or because they were married to non – indigenes of the state.

This left thousands of people suddenly unemployed with the resultant social, economic and moral consequences.

Amazing Love Assembly Church, the parent body of ALIS, stepped in by offering immediate employment to all such affected teachers that were her members and formed the SOLID FOUNDATION CLASSES as a result. The expansion and growth we experienced was unbelievable, as student after student and parent after parent brought their friends to be a part of it. The sudden improvements in their school and WAEC results were testament enough to the academic content they were receiving. Then there was the Moral Instruction lessons which were handled by none other than Bishop Amaechi Nwachukwu (PhD), himself. He taught such topics as : A pleasing Voice, A pleasant personality and many more. These were invaluable lessons needed to make the individual complete both academically and morally. Parent’s of our pupils were regulars at the Moral instruction lessons.



The Ground breaking ceremony was held on 2nd February, 2013. School resumed fully just 8 months later on 7th October, 2013.

At ALIS, we run Three schools : Nursery, Primary and Secondary.

Your children are driven to school to and from our drop off points in brand new, executive air conditioned buses accompanied by heavily armed mobile police because their safety is important to us especially with recent happenings in the country.

Your children are exposed to swimming lessons.

Your children undergo regular medical check ups by world renown doctors in various specialties like Paediatrics, Ophthalmology and Dentistry and they have a medical doctor on site and a clinic within the school.

There is a DIFFERENT subject teacher per subject immediately your children enter Primary 1, just like a doctor specializes in a particular branch of medicine. This is not so in some other schools where a single teacher teaches all the subjects. But at ALIS, each subject teacher specializes in that subject and hence can teach it better. This makes your children grasp the subject better since it is taught by a specialist in that field.

Your children begin to use our laboratories from Primary 1.

Your children are fed sumptuously with a morning snack and an afternoon lunch with food, fruits and drinks.

Our least qualified teacher is a First degree holder.

Each student uses brand new, Original books, not photocopies as is done in many schools.


To promote learning and Christian character in our young ones and thereby guarantee a greater future for our children and our nation.

To communicate through teaching and godly examples the basic rudiments of Sciences, Mathematics and Languages, and through a philosophy rooted in God, to show that with God our learning can be thorough and wholesome;

To make the school a citadel of learning and community for moral excellence.

To ensure the existence and promotion of an ethos which delivers social justice, through mutual respect, tolerance of, and for each other leading to self-enrichment gained from understanding the diversity embraced within our community.

To promote and sustain an environment that empowers every member of the school – staff and students, to operate as effectively as possible, thereby reaching their desired potentials in harmony with the collective goal of the school.

To work in partnership with our parents through effective communication and transfer of information in such a way that facilitates mutual support and development of every individual’s full potential.

To promote high quality secular/Christian education, which is broad, balanced and applicable with the requirements of the national interest.

To develop the whole personality and cater for the whole man with Christianity as the main focus of their lives.

To acquire a moral attitude to life through conscientious awareness and practice of divine guidance in all their affairs and transactions.

Overall, our broad objective is to provide an educational environment that enable all pupils in the school achieve their potentials to become active and responsible members of society, willing and able to use their abilities and faculties to the fullest extent.